6 Things To Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

People get excited about the look they will get after the procedure when it’s about cosmetic treatments. However, what they fail to consider are the things that might change forever or can be uneasy if you go through it. Nowadays, people are trying out cosmetic dental treatments for a better-looking smile.

The most common procedure is getting porcelain veneers. They provide you with a bright shiny smile. But there are some minute details that you should know before trying out this dental procedure. If you are someone who wants to get porcelain veneers, then ahead are 6 things you should know before that.

It’s A Risky Venture

Let’s face it, anything which alters the natural element is risky. Porcelain veneers are like a cap to your teeth that are whiter. Many celebrities go through this procedure for an impeccable smile. However, it is risky because the veneers are attached to your teeth with a cement-like adhesive.

More powerful adhesives are used to install permanent veneers that last up to 20 years, which can damage your natural teeth. This is why many people stick to whitening procedures to improve their smile instead of taking extreme measures like this. 

Not For Everyone

You should know whether or not you are a suitable candidate to get veneers. If you have the following factors, then these will make you ineligible to go through with the procedure:

  • Extremely poor oral health.
  • Too sensitive teeth.
  • Extensive treatment requires making the teeth stabilised first.

If you think that you are not eligible for teeth veneers, make sure to consult your dentist about it. Let them examine your teeth and tell you whether or not you can go ahead with the treatment or not.

Results Can Vary

Do not expect too much, and keep the “perfect” word out of it. The results can vary from person to person. Also, everyone’s idea of perfect is different. So, keep your expectations low.

Surely, the results will be better than what you have right now, but to expect something impractical can lead to disappointment. Cosmetic dentists are experts in designing smiles. So, they will do their best to give you the best of what you can have. Trust the process and be patient. 

Moreover, cosmetic dentists keep the file of the cases they have treated. Make sure to go through them to see the results. It will be even better if they have done a case similar to yours.

You Can’t Change The Final Color Of Porcelain Veeners

The material used in the veneer is porcelain. Thus, once the final shade is achieved, you can not alter it to make it more or less brighter. Avoid using tooth whitening procedures to brighten the porcelain veneers as they are abrasive and can damage the veneers.

Likewise, do not use whitening toothpaste on porcelain veneers. It will fade away the material. To choose the right shade, ask for some assistance from your dentist. They usually have the shade chart. Select the shade which will look good on you. Do not follow the trend of going all-white. Anything mild with the right touch of brightness will look fine.   

It’s A Long Term Commitment

The major thing about installing porcelain veneers is that once you go through the procedure, you can not reverse it. A very thin layer of enamel is removed to stick the veneers with your teeth, and then the adhesive is applied. This means you can not remove the veneers after the procedure, as your natural teeth won’t look good.

So, sit with yourself and think long and hard about whether or not you are ready to make the decision to commit to it for quite a long time. Permanent veneers can last up to 10 to 15 years and even sometimes 20 years, depending upon their maintenance. Some bare minimum things to do after having veneers are:

  • Going for regular check-ups every 6 months.
  • Routine oral cleaning, including brushing and flossing.
  • Carefully eating hard food as you can’t bite directly on the hard items if you have veneers.

Veneers Can Get Damaged

Many people have a misconception that veneers are unbreakable, and they become invincible after having them. In reality, they are just like your teeth. They can get cracked or chipped as well. So, after getting veneers, make sure to take care of them as you would take care of your own teeth. In terms of cleaning, you might have to take extra care of the veneers if you don’t clean them regularly, and then there is a high chance of having poor oral health, which can create problems in the long run.

Some Additional Things To Know

Porcelain veneers are undoubtedly the best medium to have bright and stain-free teeth. Of course, seeking this dental treatment can be fruitful, but there are still some other things that you should know. Some of the other things that you should know before installing veneers are:

  • Veneers can chip and crack
  • You do not need to install them in your entire mouth for one or two teeth.
  • Veneers can fix issues such as worn down teeth, chips, gaps, discolouration in teeth and misalignments.
  • For stain-free teeth, go with porcelain veneers instead of raisin ones.
  • Once installed, they can’t be removed for 15 to 20 years. If you can’t commit for this long, go for the temporary veneers.
  • Regular checkups and procedures can be costly in the long run.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many benefits this procedure has if you have got a decent smile that you can improve through whitening and bleaching procedures, then do not go with this procedure. Getting veneers is an extensive procedure that is carried out in cases where there is extreme discolouration, misalignments or other conditions. Thus, to choose the best treatment, seek consultation from your dentist. Make sure to take advice from experienced professionals. Hopefully, you learned something new from the information mentioned in this blog.

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