6 Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors During Quarantine

Mental stress has been increasing due to the new norms of life during quarantine or as a result of the coronavirus effects. Most of the people’s daily routine has been disrupted as all of us are stuck at home to save ourselves from the effects of this huge pandemic. However, spending time outdoors can be a great option for you.

Why do we need to spend time outdoors during quarantine?

Physical and mental health both are necessary for a healthy body and a peaceful mind. As most of us are suffering from mental issues and anxiety during quarantine. Well, a positive mind and attitude can help us a lot from the nightmares of getting infected by this contagious virus. Before that here is a list of some safety precautions you must always take in consideration before heading outdoors if you are in a hot spot. Please follow all the laws and measure that the government has put in plan.

Once lockdown it’s over make sure to hit the road and try new experiences within the country like a festival or a tour. But for now, here are the some safety measure to follow before going outside.

· Wear a mask properly.

· Carry a hand sanitizer bottle and use from time to time, especially if you touch someone or something in a public transport, at the supermarket, etc..

· Respect social distance from people

Nevertheless, always monitor the news and look for updates to know the recent protocol.

Spending time outdoors is healthy so here are 6 reasons to spend time outdoors during quarantine: –

Reduces stress: – During a pandemic, most people are finding themselves clouded with stress and anxiety. You must analyze this situation and find a way to tackle it. A happy and a calm mind can beat the negative effects of COVID-19. Being outside regularly drops the level of the stress hormone helps to calm your heart rate and elevates your mood reducing mental stress to a great extent. Remember, stress can easily disturb your daily routine and can restrict you from achieving your goals. However, there is a way to defeat it with a happy mood and spending some self-time with nature outdoors.

To enhance the Vitamin D level or boosting your immune system: – As we all know immunity strength is the ultimate way of winning the war with this contagious virus. For that, you merely need to spend 15 to 30 minutes each day in the sunshine. Sunshine has essential Vitamin D that makes your body stronger and enhance your mood. The following routine also helps in improving liver, kidney, and bone health to accelerate your immune system. Try it! Once you form this habit you will get addicted to it. The natural vitamin D in the early morning time is essential, but if you don’t have time or leave where the sunny days are rare you can opt for Vitamin D in pills as a supplement.

Natural aromatherapy: – Nature has healing properties against any kind of disease. Don’t be scared, to go out on a morning walk or running with all the safety measures, and fill yourself with mindfulness. Feel the aesthetic vibes of nature and let it heal your hasty heart. After this, you will feel more energetic, fit, and you will forget about laziness. This amazing way to stay connected with nature helps bring composure to you and indirectly improves your overall health conditions. For instance, you can sit in the garden on an egg chair which are an awesome way to sit and relax in your home while breathing fresh air, reading a book or observing the nature.

Helpful to make your sleep better: – During the quarantine period, people are not getting adequate sleep which may be cause of depression and insomnia. Unfortunately, these pathologies are steadily increasing, touching a peak. You may find it hard to maintain and follow a healthy sleep routine while working from home. However, it is scientifically proven that spending time outdoors and having a brisk walk after dinner outside improves your sleep cycle. Also, it leads to a better digestive system that is not prone to fall sick frequently.

Yoga and exercise: – Maintain social distancing and find a place for you where you can do yoga and exercise to enhance your immunity power. Exercise and yoga are a pure bliss for your body. Especially when it is done around trees and at a place with lush green grass. You can go to a park or garden near you. Not only this, but yoga also helps you to shed down the extra body fat and allows you to purify your lungs.

Yoga and exercise fill your mind with the motivation and inspiration that brings unnoticeable health benefits. So go out and invest your quarantine time in creating some good habits for a lifetime

Teach your mind to be innovative: – Don’t sit at home and feel demotivated because of so-called loneliness during quarantine. Studies have proven that spending time outdoors and playing outdoor games wakes up the genius in you. Your creativity, IQ, and efficiency also boost up. Remember that we are made out of natural elements and spending time outdoors with nature can help you win battles of life with great ease.

Risk to spend time outdoors during quarantine: –

There is no risk in spending time outside if you are following all the safety protocols issued by our government. We can’t stop the time but we can invest it. It’s always better to go out and give yourself a break instead of staying at home with loads of stress. Spending time outdoors always delivers physical and emotional relief, particularly in this tough situation.

In this situation, it’s difficult to get your mind and focus aligned. However, we as a human have fought and defeated many pandemics in the history, so try to cheer up your soul and find yourself some safe outdoor time. The more time outside but safe, the better. Even in your own garden. At the same time don’t be irresponsible and negligible towards the virus and wear your mask if required.

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