5 Benefits of Spending More Times Outdoors

Most of us spend a good number of hours each day staring at our computer screens working under bright office lights. When we head home, rest of the time is spent on mobile phones or tellies! There are rare occasions where we get to spend time outdoors in nature. It’s time to change that and plan to spend more time outdoors on weekends. Here are the top five benefits of being outside in nature and not stare at any screen for a change!

Say Goodbye to Stress!

Australia is the land of great outdoors so why not make the most of it, wear your best pair of comfy women’s flat boots and head to the outback to explore nature. Getting on a short picnic or a long drive over the weekend in the outback will help you get rid of the stress you were exposed to the entire week. You will end up feeling refreshed, energised and ready for another week at work. Try and plan a camping trip with your friends or family, there’s nothing better than a Barbie at the outback with your best pals. If you don’t like the outback, take some time out and visit any of the festival around your town or city in your best outfit.

No More Fatigue

Taking a small outdoor trip will help you recover from a tiring week. Usually, most of us feel foggy, sleepy and tired all the time, all these are signs of fatigue that’s caused by stress and mental exhaustion. An outdoor trip will help your mind and body relax in the fresh air. In a study by NCBI, researchers found a direct link between reduced heart rates and cortisol levels and spending time in nature i.e. in a forest. Those who spent more time in nature had better health as compared to city dwellers who rarely spent time outdoors. So, it’s time to pick your trendy and comfortable women’s flat boots and head out to the outback to unwind.

Hike Your Depression Away

Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues will be a case of the past if you change your lifestyle and plan to go hiking outdoors. Australia has a number of spectacular and mind-blowing hiking tracks. Put on your hiking shoes and head on to one of the trails and say goodbye to depression and anxiety. Hiking will relax your mind, and help you fight your feelings of depression and anxiety. Spending some time in nature, hike in your favourite boots will help you ease up and be calm. Spending time in the woods and hiking tracks are linked with reduced stress levels and mood swings are considerably improved.

Protect Your Eye-Sight

Another benefit of spending time outdoors is to improve your vision. A little time outdoors is a simple way to stay healthy and have a better-improved vision, particularly in children. Outdoor trips have a positive effect on our eyes it reduces the risk of developing nearsightedness or Myopia. Put on your best flat boots and plan a trip to spend some quality time in nature on weekends. Going out and being in a natural environment will have drastic positive effects on your mental, physical and spiritual health.

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