People who have sensitive skin most likely also have acne-prone skin. Once you start getting acne, it’s tough to maintain the texture of your skin from all the scarring and new zits. You can only manage it by implementing some habits in your skincare routine. So, if you want clear skin, then this article has some tips on skin care for acne-prone skin

Exfoliate To Keep Your Skin Clean

Dead skin cells can clog the pores, which can cause acne on your skin due to clogged oil. Your skin produces natural sebum, and oil is normal to surface on your skin. If there is a blockage, it can cause pimples. You can avoid it by scrubbing your skin once every week.

Include Clay Masks In Your Skin Care

Clay masks help lock the moisture in your skin which is needed to get rid of the existing acne. They accelerate the skin’s healing process, which is effective in getting rid of acne scars. 

Shampoo More Often

Excess oil can cause acne. So, if you have an oily scalp, make sure to keep it oil free. Avoid oiling your hair and shampoo as much as you can. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you shampoo twice or thrice a day. However, shampooing after every 2 days will do the trick.

Choose Mild Skin Care Products

Choosing the right kind of products that suit your skin is important. If you have found the skincare products that suit your skin, do not switch them. Stick to them for life if you can. Always go for skin care products that are mild and water-based.

Eat Healthy Food

You need to take extra notes on what you consume when it’s about skin. Avoid oily food, dairy food and too much caffeine. All these food items create an imbalance which can result in various skin conditions. The most prominent one is acne.

Don’t Touch Your Face

If you have a skin condition, avoid touching your face as much as you can. Do not pop the zits or touch the affected area of your skin. It doesn’t matter even if your hands are clean; your hands produce oil, which can infect your skin and increase acne.

Avoid Sunlight That Can Cause Tanning

Tanning makes your skin sensitive, and if you already have sensitive skin, then your condition can get worse. So, avoid the sunlight, which can cause tanning.

Sanitise Your Make-Up Products

Ensure that the make-up products you use are clean and free from all kinds of bacteria. You can use sanitiser to wipe clean the make-up containers. Also, regularly wash your make-up tools, such as brushes and blenders. 

Drink Juice Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is good for clear and glowing skin, so if you want to clean up your acne, start by implementing drinks in your diet that are rich in vitamin C.

Final Thoughts

The world has changed, and the environment is more polluted than ever before. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to spend some time implementing measures such as a skincare routine and exercises to stay fit and look rejuvenated. To clean your face, start implementing the habits mentioned in this article.

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