Cocktail Dress or Smart Casual on Your First Fate

When it comes to a first date, most women will say that they do not have something to wear. Do not be like them. You just need to put together an impressive outfit, and when doing that, consider your comfort too. If it is not your first blind date, you already know the nerves that it comes with. It is likely to cause butterflies in your stomach, but that is normal. If you are worried about what to wear, that is normal too.

The outfit will play an important role in your comfort when meeting your date for the first time. Consider how you feel when wearing a perfect hairstyle, when wearing a flawless makeup or when wearing a flattering dress that turns many heads. At such times, you will stand taller, walk confidently and feel good about yourself. That is how you should feel on the first date. Studies show that the outfit has a significant impact on peace of mind.

What should you wear on the first date?

Knowing your date more and discovering your compatibility is the first goal, but before the day, you will have to reduce your work. Dress appropriately depending on the location and weather. After knowing where you will meet, check the weather forecast and choose the right clothing. Generally, you have to keep the outfit casual, unless you are going to a place that demands otherwise. Do not exceed the expectations of your date or appear sloppy. An edited ensemble should be on the laidback side, keep you comfortable and exude a slight hint of sexiness. Here are a few outfit ideas that will help you get started.

–          You will rarely go wrong with the cute, jersey dress. Go for a black one if you are heading out for a movie or dinner – or night event. To accessorize it, you just need a light scarf, low heels, drop earrings and a complementary clutch. A cropped contrasting cardigan is a good go for if you do not need a scarf.

–          Jeans are not good for a job interview but they will give you the appearance you need for your first date. A pair of rinse jeans will flatter your date. You just need to pair them with your strappy metallic heels a satin tank top and metallic jewellery. A light shoulder bag or chic clutch will complete your appearance perfectly.

–          If it is very hot and you are likely to spend your time outside, avoid jeans and go for a pair of shorts. A pair of shorts will be more comfortable. Pair them with a contrasting tank top and finish with the focal accessory like chain necklaces, flats, and gladiator sandals.

–          If you expect our first date to be dressy, go for the colours that match the season. A summer or spring fete will demand a colourful cocktail dress. Go for an ivory or cream base featuring floral prints and a pair of heels. In winter, go for one of the dramatic dresses with tights. A fitted coat or one of the plus size evening tops in Australia and Jane heels will give you the appearance you need.

Do not appear in a baggy T-shirt, yoga pants or sweatpants. In fact, you should highly avoid baggy clothes because they are not flattering. Choose the outfit depending on the activities you are likely to engage in and avoid the baggy look.

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