Why keeping your Pool clean is Vital for Good health

Swimming is a great exercise everyone would want. Its benefits to your body are amazing. While swimming is important to your health, it has its own drawbacks especially if you are swimming in a not-well-maintained pool. So it is essential that your pool is clean for healthy living. Here are 4 health benefits of having a clean pool

1. Reduces germs related infections

One of the most significant benefits of having a clean pool is decreasing infections mainly caused by bacteria and dirt. Bacterial infections can have severe effects on your body especially if you are prone to such illnesses. Some of these effects may include rashes on the skin, fatigue, cramping, fever and sometimes diarrhea. Infections of the eye may also result from a contaminated pool.  Cleaning your pool removes all these germs and guarantees you and other swimmers safety from related infections.

2. A clean swimming pool prevents drowning

National Drowning Prevention Alliance Research shows that drowning is one of the leading causes of deaths in children aged one to four. Algae is the main cause of drowning. It causes discoloration and clouding of pool water and makes it difficult to see with or without the aid of glasses. This can make it difficult to differentiate the deep end from the shallow end and hence may become a disaster, especially to first-time swimmers. In an incidence of drowning, it is easy to identify and rescue victims in a clean pool than in a dirty pool because of the build-up of algae. It is therefore difficult to detect if someone has fallen unconscious in the pool or if they are struggling to swim underwater.

3. A clean pool prevents unnecessary accidents

Algae also coat all the surfaces in the pool making pool walls, ladders and floors to become hazardously slippery. Algae build up on ladders and stairways could cause accidental falls that may lead to serious injuries like bumps, bruises, scrapes and bone breakages. Keeping a pool clean prevents this build-up of algae and therefore prevents unnecessary accidents in the pool.

4. Relieves you from cramping and vomiting

Contaminated pools may sometimes harbor parasites. Some of the main parasites found in a contaminated pool are Cryptosporidium and Giardia. They are the leading causes of vomiting and cramping as a result of Cryptosporidiosis, an infection of the upper gastrointestinal tract. To manage these parasites, your pool needs proper disinfection, filtration, and circulation system. These systems should be effective and operational fully before, during, and after swimming.

A pool as an investment that provides us with numerous wonderful physical and emotional health benefits. And as an investment, you would want it to keep functioning properly so that you can continue enjoying its health benefits. Cleaning your pool and disinfecting it regularly will reduce the health effects associated with murky waters, algae parasites, and bacteria in the pool.

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