Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: Tips and Ideas for a Trendy Look

The aesthetic of your bridal party can be greatly improved by using mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Here are some ideas for selecting mismatched bridesmaid dresses that nonetheless seem to belong together.

Ways to Mismatch

●     Different Colours

You can choose to change the colour of the dresses while keeping them identical in style, length and fabric. This can be done in two ways. You can either choose to use different shades of the same colour or change the color of each dress completely.

●     Different Styles

If you wish to keep the colour of the dresses the same, then you can try different styles with each dress. One dress could be asymmetrical, the other could be A-line, and so on. There are numerous styles to choose from.

●     Different Hemlines

Another feature that you can choose to mismatch aside from colour is the hemline of the dress. Each dress can be of different length while other features remain the same. This is similar to choosing mismatched styles but where you can choose the same length with different styles, mismatching hemlines might sometimes mean mismatching styles as well.

●     Different Fabrics

This is not the most popular way to mismatch the bridesmaid dresses but it is a way nonetheless. You can choose different fabrics for each dress while keeping all the other features like the colour, style and length the same.

●     Different Patterns

If you’re feeling daring, you can also combine mismatched patterns and designs to create a distinctive aesthetic. If they have a similar colour palette, florals, stripes, and polka dots can all go together.

Tips to Successfully Mismatch the Dresses

●     Start with a color palette

Choose a colour scheme that complements your wedding’s theme and location. As previously mentioned, you can choose to use several shades of the same colour or combine complementing hues.

●     Use Samples Instead of Swatches

In order to decide the colour of the dresses, you need to see the range of colours available. The best way to do so is using samples instead of swatches. Deciding the colour based on a small piece of fabric like a swatch can give you quite a different outcome when it comes to an entire dress. It would be much better to look at actual sample dresses of the colours available so that you can easily find the perfect colour for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

●     Set some guidelines

Even while you want to give your bridesmaids some flexibility in selecting their outfits, it’s useful to establish some rules to make sure that the overall design is consistent. You can do that by picking a specific fabric, neckline, or length.

●     Accessorize

With matching jewellery or shoes, you may bring the mismatched dresses together. To achieve a coordinated image, you can also offer your bridesmaids similar bouquets.

●     Consider the style

Consider the various body types and fashion preferences of your bridesmaids. You can select dresses that suit their figure, including A-line or wrap dresses, long or short dresses. If your bridesmaids are on board with the idea, you can lean towards current trends or even go for vintage clothing.

●     Don’t go overboard

The most important thing to remember while choosing ways to mismatch the dresses of your bridesmaids is not to go overboard. Do not try to mismatch everything about your dress, only mismatch one or two things.

The Bottom Line

By using these suggestions, you may give your bridesmaids a stunning and coordinated look while still letting them exhibit their individuality in their dress selections. You can get your mismatched bridesmaid dresses in Australia at billy j.

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