Things Girls Do Without Knowing It’s Bad For Their Health

It’s fair to assume that on the whole, all of us girls pay good attention to the things that are good for us and the things that aren’t. We like to think that we respect our bodies and do all of the relevant things to keep it in the best condition possible, but what about those times when we don’t actually realise we are doing something wrong?

You can have all of the best health intentions in the world, but if you don’t know your habits are negative rather than positive, you are never going to be able to stop and reverse the behaviours! To help you out on this front, here are five of the key things that most girls do without knowing it’s bad for their health!

1. Eating on The Go

If you live a busy and full life, then it’s pretty likely that you eat on the go a lot of the time. You might assume that eating whilst travelling from one place to another can be good for you because you are burning calories at the same time as consuming them, but the truth is that when you are grabbing something to go, you are much more likely to pick food items that aren’t classed as healthy. Whenever you can, try to stick to a routine of cooking fresh food and eating it at the table at home. If you must eat on the go, find healthy items that are easy to carry and eat.

2. A Glass of Wine

The health professionals yo-yo back and forth about the benefits and detriments of having a glass of wine every night, but one thing that isn’t up for debate is that fact that red wine, in particular, can stain teeth. An establishment like Pure Dentistry sees plenty of patients each year who complain of dental discolouration, and one of the main causes that is highlighted is staining by wine.

3. Not Removing Makeup

We’ve all been there; those nights when you stay out late and all you want to do is get into bed and go to sleep. It can be tempting, but you really need to commit to removing your makeup before hitting the sheets every single night. Even a couple of nights sleeping in your makeup can start to cause debris build-up and clogged pores, which in turn can encourage full-on skin breakouts.

4. Computer Posture

We all spend a lot of time on computers and other devices during the day, and without even realising it, this is starting to give us bad posture. The hunched, leaned-over look of someone of playing with their phone is a familiar sight these days, and staying in this position for too long without rectifying it can lead to nasty muscular and even spinal problems down the line.

5. Painful Shoes

It feels empowering to wear a pair of killer heels on a night out or in the office, but keep in mind that wearing painful, deliberately uncomfortable shoes too often during a week can lead to things like corns, swelling, tired legs, bad knees, and even problems with blood flow.

It’s hard to make sure absolutely everything you do is healthy or good for you, but these were some basic habits that are easy to change.

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