How to Choose the Best Travel Underwear for Women

Just like you would with clothing, you should carefully select your undergarments when travelling in order to fully enjoy yourself while experiencing as little discomfort as possible. Here are some of our top tips to help you choose the best underwear to wear while travelling.

Pay Attention to the Fabric

Before purchasing underwear for travel, keep in mind that the material should be soft and comfortable enough so that it won’t irritate your skin while you’re out. While synthetic and lacy fabrics can be considered appropriate for a day in the city, it’s crucial to have underwear that doesn’t chafe your skin when you’re trekking and hiking in the wilderness.

Opt for Breathable Materials

When you’re going outdoors, getting drenched in sweat or doing activities that will make your clothes stick to you, you need your underwear to be breathable so you can feel as comfortable as possible. The breathability of the material not only ensures that your skin doesn’t suffocate, but it also helps in preventing any bacteria from growing in your nether regions as a result of sweaty and sticky fabrics.

Pick a Comfortable Style

Just like regular clothes, underwear also comes in a wide variety of styles. For travel, it is essential to select the most comfortable options. This can be done by examining the degree of coverage they offer, whether the waistband presses in the wrong places and other factors. Some of the designs, including high-waisted briefs, hipsters, and boyshorts, offer the most comfort and coverage, making them the best choices for travel underwear.

Make Sure They’re Durable

When you’re travelling, it’s obvious that you will not have an endless supply of underwear. Only the ones you pack will be available to you, and if you are packing lightly, there won’t be many of them. This means you’ll be washing them repeatedly, and if the underwear is not strong enough to withstand that without losing its shape, you are left with ill-fitting underwear. So, make sure that they can survive routine washing and remain in good condition.

Look for Ones that Don’t Take Much Space

If you’re going on a camping trip or planning to hike and trek through the wild, travelling light is essential, and having large underwear like granny panties can often take more space than necessary, so we suggest looking for underwear that can be packed along with other clothes, without adding to the burden of your luggage.

Check If They are Easy to Wash and Dry

Some types of underwear can be a pain to wash and others can be a pain to dry. It all depends on the type of fabric, the weight of the material, and the style of the underwear. If your underwear is difficult to wash or doesn’t dry easily, you will have to face many inconveniences while travelling, so make sure to pick a pair that is not only easy to wash but also dries fast.

Make Sure They are Moisture-wicking

Moisture-wicking fabric is definitely ten times better than cotton when it comes to pulling away sweat from your skin. The ability to quickly dry sweat is the biggest benefit you can have when travelling because it protects you from odour and any bacterial infections that could be brought on by spending the entire day in sweat-soaked underwear.

The Bottom Line

These were a few ways to help you pick underwear that is best suited for you while travelling, and here is one of the best places to buy ladies underwear – Modibodi Australia.

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