Floral Décor Ideas for Your Wedding

The wedding season is upon us and most of you will be facing real bridezilla moments. From wanting your dress to be flawless in having the world’s best décor, you will have lots of going on in your mind. Needless to say, the decision is just as difficult as selecting the right jumpsuit for your wedding day. Also, we believe that a top-notch décor is crucial to achieving glowing skin on your wedding day.

We really wish we could bring your bridezilla moments under control by taking charge of most things you are worried about. However, for now, we have some super cool ideas for the floral décor of your wedding.

Here you go!

  1. Floral Details on the Ceiling

If you have a daytime wedding, then go for a floral garland on the ceiling. It is truly a treat for sore eyes and something very different from the traditional décor we have been seeing at the weddings. You can also have a floral ceiling for evening events by mixing a few strings of fairy lights with it. You could also have a fancy chandelier with warm lights installed in the middle of the garland.

  • Flowers on the Fountain

Does your wedding venue have a fountain that just looks off because of chipped off paint? Well, we have a solution right here with us. Ask your florist to adorn the poor fountain with beautiful flowers and turn it into a flower fountain. It will become a beautiful background or a prop for your photos and add life to the entire wedding décor.

  • Flower Arches

Wedding décor trends go through a million changes every year, but one thing is constant and that’s the flower arches. They are classic and we believe they will never go out of trend. A well-made flower arch on the entrance makes a very nice decorative element for the venue. You can place a little black board on the side with a bit of flower decorations. On that board, write the couple’s name along with the wedding date. We are sure you can never go wrong with this one.

  • Flower Center Pieces

Empty tables at a wedding event do not look nice at all so a centerpiece is always necessary to fill the void. Have some elegant centerpieces made from the florist and place them on the tables. Even better if you pair them up with candles as it will make it stand out more because of the high aesthetic appeal. Make sure the centerpieces are not too small or large. Just the right balance will do the trick.

  • Flowers on Chandeliers

Although most chandeliers do not need anything to beautify because they are designed to be beautiful without adding any extra elements. However, adding a little bit of floral details at weddings really does the magic to your event’s décor. You can simply use stems with green leaves if not colored flowers. Lights combined with floral details are never a bad idea so feel free to try it out.

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