Festival Fashion Trends to Look Out for In 2019

Festival seasons come with many things that you will definitely love, but the biggest thing to expect about the event relates to planning for the outfit. Whether you are just in need of fire Instagram photos or you are planning to be the girl of the festival, you will have numerous options.

Selecting what to wear and ensuring that you have everything that you require might be hard than some people believe. This festival outfit guide will keep you going throughout the festival season.

–          The flare pants turnout

The 70s vibe has returned and festivals offer you the chance to try the flare pants outfit. With the outfit, you will manage to dance to your most favourite music comfortably. Pair the pants with a nice bodysuit or crop top. But because the pants should be the primary event, you should not overdo the other items.

–          Body jewel outfit

The body jewels might look extra but they are more like magical crystals that will pull your entire appearance together. If walking down the streets with jewels and glitter in your entire body is possible, do it. To start rocking that, consider the year 2019 festivals.

If a whole outfit is too expensive for you, pair the body jewels with your simple black bodysuit or any other simple outfit and denim shorts. Dress it up with presto and glitter. That way, you will be ready for the festival.

–          The bralette

If you would want to be a little risqué, the bralettes will definitely turn heads during the festivals. The bralette is among the festival super outfits that are unlikely to go soon and the metal bralettes are a good amount of bling and perfect for any festival. However, you should remember to pack the nipple covers. A golden bra is a statement piece and you should pair it with a maxi skirt or flare pants for a sexier but fun appearance.

–          The hat outfit

Hats returned to the fashion world in the year 2017. A hat will appear super cool with other festival outfit and protect your eyes from the hot summer sun when dancing to your favourite sons. You can pair the hat with any outfit. The appearance of a leather jacket or a maxi dress with a wide bring fedora will definitely turn heads. Australian clothing stores online provide you with more choices.  

–          The fishnets and boots outfit

In the season of festivals, footwear is important. Some people might opt for sandals or heels but that is not practical. You should expect a lot of walking, standing and dancing and you, therefore, need something comfortable. Go for a pair of quality boots that can get you through the day. Moreover, you will need to pack band-aids to avoid blisters. Be ready to display your fishnets and you should, therefore, pair that with a band t-shirt and vintage denim shorts to get a 90s appearance.

Lastly, a crop top outfit is another great choice for festivals. Whether you need a simple black crop or some bling, you will have a wide range of choices. On the best part, crop tops are comfortable and you will not get very hot when dancing. A high waisted crop with a pair of shorts or matching skirt will please the crowds.

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