How to Determine Your Skin Tone and Undertone

Since we were children, we have been sneaking into our mother’s vanity trying on her makeup without caring whether it matches our skin tone or not. It seems some people still keep making this mistake; they use the incorrect shade which either makes them look too pale or grey as it’s too light for their skin tone.  

Finding the correct skin tone or undertone for your foundation is key in making your make up look flawless and suit your face, whether it is for your wedding day or an everyday look.  The way your make up looks on your face determines your whole look regardless of what you wear or the way you style yourself.  If you want flawless and glowing skin for your make up look, follow these tips to determine what your undertone and skin tone is.

  1. Three Types Of Skin Tones And Under Tones

The first thing to educate yourself about is the type of skin tones there are. Regardless of how tan you are in summers or how pale you are in winters, you undertone remains the same. This colour comes from underneath your skin which affects your skin’s overall hue. 

There are three types of undertones. The cool undertone is hints of blue and pink colour with a ruddy complexion. The warm skin tone is yellowish, peach and or golden while the neutral skin tone has no evident under colours rather the skin’s natural colour is more evident. These tones determine your foundation shade best for a flawless base.

  • Look At Your Arms.

The first way to get a clue about your skin’s undertone is to focus on the veins on your arms. This area of your arm has not been affected by the sun or discoloured so this is where your skin tone is determined properly. If your veins are more in the tone of blue and purple, it’s more likely you’re cool-toned. However, if you have greenish or green-toned veins, it’s most likely that you have warm or neutral-toned skin. Also if you easily get sunburned, you’re more likely to be in the neutral and warm skin tone.

  • The Jewelry Test

Another way of determining your skin’s undertone is through jewellery. If your skin looks good in golden or gold-toned jewellery, then it’s more likely that you have a warmer skin tone. However, if your skin looks better in silver jewellery, it’s likely you have a cool undertone.

These tips will help you find your perfect skin tone and undertone, which ultimately leads to finding the best foundation for your skin. However, sometimes we have uneven skin tone or uneven skin texture. The best option for that is to get the tan off and getting the best treatments for uneven skin texture before you choose your foundation according to your undertone, to get flawless makeup.

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