Melbourne is a beautiful city to live in if you love festivals. There are many festivals throughout the year. Most of these festivals are easy to find as they take place in the city centre. In addition, you can pay many of these festivals without a penny.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival

It is an annual independent art festival that is celebrated for more than three weeks from the end of September to the beginning of October, and each year shows a new work by a large number of artists. It includes theatre, comedy, music, performance, disco, digital club and circus shows. Up to 33% of the occasions are usually free.

The Melbourne International Arts Festival

Currently known as the Melbourne Festival, a fourteen-day festival is held in October. This is one of the major international art festivals in Australia and one of the world’s leading multi-arts festivals in terms of quality work, vision progress and scale. Your website has a full page for free events.

Chinese new year

It takes place in late January or early February. Melbourne has the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the Western world, from the gold rush of the 1850s, a considerable amount of activity in Little Bourke Street in Chinatown in the urban area including dances discovered by dragons, lion movements, music, fireworks, social events, music shows, Singing, arts and crafts, children’s events and much more.

The Melbourne Cup Parade

It happens one day before the famous Melbourne Cup horse race. It has coaches and drivers participating in the Melbourne Cup and praises the rich heritage of the biggest race in Australia. The parade usually goes down Swanston Street to Federation Square.

Melbourne Music Week

The Melbourne Music Week in November is a general new festival, but a year ago had more than 65 occasions, including exhibitions and concerts DJ Live, children’s programs, workshops, seminars and much more. It is performed by the city of Melbourne.


The year ends with an incredible New Year celebration in various locations around the CBD in Melbourne with free music and entertainment and ends with a firework display at midnight.

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